Home bar being spiced up

Easy Tips for Improving Your Home Bar

Whether you’re building a new home bar from scratch or own an existing bar that you want to spice up, there’s a lot you can do to improve the look, feel and impact of your bar. If you are new to this, you’d better learn the three home bar essentials at Rodexo. Then you can jump out to my tips to improve your home bar. A great starting point would be to accumulate some photos or take pictures of your favorite home bar. Here are some tips on how to improve your favorite home bar.

Home bar

Choose Your Favorite Color Theme

Depending on the mood you want to convey together with your pub and your personality, you can choose a colorful motif. For example, if you prefer a relaxed and soft atmosphere, use darker colors such as green, purple, etc. If you are looking for an inspiring and pleasant hut, you should opt for bright and uncolored colors.

Make Sure Your Seating is Cozy

You want your customers to feel comfortable, but you don’t want them to fall asleep in your bar. This is partly the reason why bar stools usually don’t have backups. Perhaps the absence of a backrest also motivates people to lean against the bar and participate more in the dialogue.

Get an Excellent Sound System

Music has always been at the center of every bar, so don’t forget that with yours. Your bar should have a great collection of your favorite music, a free commercial Internet radio, or even a simple place for you or your friends to document their iPod and iPhone. Easy access to the crowd is important to turn up the volume.

Install a Flat Panel TV

If you are a sports fan, this is a piece of cake, but you can also use your TV to improve your bar in different ways. Another great advantage would be the display of mood graphics. They produce DVDs that show interesting graphics for this kind of thing. Another great bet is videos.

Home bar

Install Keg Cooler

As sure as the beer is cold, people will come here to have a wonderful drink with you. This is one of the qualities that all your friends will have at your home every weekend. However, if it goes out of control, throw the keg fund jar out.

Get the Essential Barware

Make sure you have everything you need to prepare the drinks if you want them. Drink shaker, a pitcher, swizzle sticks, napkins, rim salter, and drink pourers will help you with it. Also, don’t forget to prepare the barware glasses such as martini, beer, highball, lowball, etc.

Don’t Skimp on the Lighting

Lighting is just one of the things that could have the biggest impact on your regular pub. With a small investment in a few bright or subtle colors, you can change your bar from boring to charming. With these few details, your bar will become a great place to stay, and you can be sure that your loved ones will have members and friends in the area you call home, good opportunities, and good memories.


All you Need to Know About Home Brewing

The whole process of brewing beer is straightforward. Warm up your water, add hops, mat, and yeast then store it in the right place for some weeks and boom you have your beer. However, coming up with a good beer is an entirely a different story. If you wish to try your hand at home, brewing and you happen to like it then am here to give you some tricks in simple ways that will help you discover a brand appreciation of a well-made beer at the comfort of your home. So, what are these things that you should know about the whole home brewing process?


It is Cheap

Trust me it will be expensive when you start because of you no clear directions on how to go about. Maybe you will be using excess yeast, it does not matter, but the moment the concept fit into your head, then you will start doing it very fast without any wastage. The idea will help you save cash because the manufactures always add some cost like the printing of the brand name and the bottle, but for our case, we have eliminated this. The overall cost of buying a beer in a liquor store is half the price of you makes your own. Therefore, if your calculations are right like mine, then it means you will the save half of the money you were supposed to spend on the liquor buying the same.


beer storagePure Beer

Due to the advancement of technology and invention of catalysts, some manufacturers have turned their procedures away from the natural one by adding some chemicals to speed up the process. This is very harmful to the consumers and even lead to serious problem in future. To remove yourself from the list of chemical beer takers it is wise if you consider doing it on your own. Homemade is the only way where you are sure of what you are drinking is the best and has zero catalysts. Non-infected alcohol is only accomplished if you are part of the production line.
Moreover, how do you become part of the production line? By owning a brewing company of which for some of us it is not possible. The only way to be part is by having your own in your home.


Desired Taste and Flavor

Buying means you have to fit yourself into producers ideas, if you like or not you can only buy what is in the market. Or try to find something that looks like what you like. Why should you be trying to fit yourself into other people’s world why? Take your time walking around to buy your ingredient and seat at your world and design your taste. Remember here you can even add anything because they are things you like. Remember there is a big difference between mediocre brewing alcohol and making a good beer. Next time pay attention to what you are having in your glass it should be of your own.